Statement, 2014

This current body of work, States of Mind and Matter, is an exploration of the connection between physical and psychological space. The abstracted space depicted in my work represents a visual play-by-play of the psychological battle to relinquish control over the creative decision-making process and to allow the process of making to dictate formal and aesthetic decisions.


I view my process as setting up visual “problems” that I then have to work my way out of in order to resolve each print. The printed image of common, mass-produced materials, such as cardboard, plastic canvas, and screen mesh, are layered to create a fabric of visual experience. While one may not know precisely where they have encountered a certain pattern or texture visible in my work, there is a moment of recognition and familiarity that has been recontextualized. Each print is a compilation of decisions made by manipulating and interacting with materials, colors, shapes, and patterns; constructing an image the way a musician might construct a song using field samples.


The overlapping textures create an undercurrent of visual noise, or static, which offset larger areas of solid color. These visual relationships and compositions suggesting dynamic movement, visual tension, instability, depth and flatness, chaos and order, become stand-ins for psychological states of mind